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Paul englannista suomeksi

  1. Paul

  2. Paavali

  1. Paavali

  2. Paavali, Paavo, Pauli

Paul englanniksi

  1. In the New Testament, Saul, Apostle to the Gentiles and author of fourteen epistles.

  2. (RQ:King James Version):

  3. Then Saul, (who also is called Paul,) filled with the Holy Ghost, set his eyes on him.
  4. (given name) of biblical origin.

  5. 1848 (w), ''and Son/Chapter 1|Dombey and Son: Chapter 1'':

  6. 'He will be christened Paul, my - Mrs Dombey - of course.'
    She feebly echoed, 'Of course,' or rather expressed it by the motion of her lips, and closed her eyes again.
    'His father's name, Mrs Dombey, and his grandfather's! I wish his grandfather were alive this day! There is some inconvenience in the necessity of writing Junior,' said Mr Dombey, making a fictitious autograph on his knee; 'but it is merely of a private and personal complexion. It doesn't enter into the correspondence of the House. Its signature remains the same.'
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  8. (place), named after (w).

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  12. (given name), a variant of the much more popular Poul

  13. 1946 (w), ''Pauli on koditon'', WSOY (1960), page 21:

  14. —Sanohan ensin mikä nimesi on?
    —Pauli, toisti Anna hitaasti. Minulla oli ennen pieni, Paul niminen veli, lisäsi hän.
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