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minister englannista suomeksi

  1. ministeri

  2. hoitaa papinvirkaa

  3. pappi

  4. huolehtia jstak

  1. pappi

  2. ministeri

  3. palvelija

  4. Substantiivi

minister englanniksi

  1. (senseid) A person who is trained to preach, to perform religious ceremonies, and to afford pastoral care at a Protestant church.

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  3. A politician who heads a ministry (national or regional government department for service).

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  5. (quote-book)|title=A Letter of Advice to the Duke of Buckingham|text=Ministers to kings, whose eyes, ears, and hands they are, must be answerable to God and man.

  6. In diplomacy, the rank of diplomat directly below ambassador.

  7. A servant; a subordinate; an officer or assistant of inferior rank; hence, an agent, an instrument.

  8. (RQ:Shakespeare Winter's Tale), I choſe / ''Camillo'' for the miniſter, to poyſon / My friend ''Polixenes:'' (..)

  9. (RQ:KJV)

  10. To attend to (the needs of); to tend; to care (of); to give aid; to give service.

  11. to function as a clergyman or as the officiant in church worship

  12. To afford, to give, to supply.

  13. (RQ:Shakespeare Tempest)|footer=(qualifier)

  14. (RQ:KJV) Now he that miniſtreth ſeede to the ſower, both miniſter bread for your foode, and multiply your ſeede ſowen, and encreaſe the fruites of your righteouſneſſe)

  15. (RQ:Taylor Eniautos)

  16. a minister (gloss)

  17. A (l), a person who is commissioned by the government for public service.

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  19. minister (gloss)

  20. minister

  21. ministry

  22. attendant, servant, slave, waiter

  23. agent, aide

  24. accomplice

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  26. a (l) (q)

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  28. (femeq)

  29. a minister (member of government, cabinet)

  30. a minister (in the foreign affairs administration)

  31. minister (of a government)