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supply englannista suomeksi

  1. toimittaa, jakaa

  2. jakelu, hankinta

  3. varustaa

  4. jatkaa

  5. hankkia

  6. toimitus

  7. toimittaminen

  1. toimittaa, hankkia, tarjota, rahoittaa supply money

  2. toimittaa, varustaa

  3. täyttää, täydentää, syöttää

  4. korvata, toimittaa, hyvittää, korjata e.g. puute, paikata e.g. maalivahti paikkasi

  5. korvata

  6. toimia sijaisena">toimia sijaisena, sijaistaa

  7. pitää hallussaan, käyttää, hyödyntää

  8. toimitus, tarjonta supply and demand ~ kysyntä ja tarjonta, varustus, toimittaminen, varustaminen

  9. tarjonta; saanti, saatavuus

  10. eväs / eväät, muona, tarvikkeet, varusteet, varat

  11. budjetti, talousarvio

  12. sijainen

supply englanniksi

  1. (senseid) To provide (something), to make (something) available for use.

  2. (ux)

  3. To furnish or equip with.

  4. To fill up, or keep full.

  5. To compensate for, or make up a deficiency of.

  6. (quote-book)

  7. To serve instead of; to take the place of.

  8. (quote-book)|Instructions to a Painter|passage=Burning ships the banished sun supply.

  9. (RQ:Dryden Fables)

  10. (quote)
  11. To act as a substitute.

  12. To fill temporarily; to serve as substitute for another in, as a vacant place or office; to occupy; to have possession of.

  13. The act of supplying.

  14. An amount of something supplied.

  15. Provisions.

  16. An amount of money provided, as by Parliament or Congress, to meet the annual national expenditures.

  17. Somebody, such as a teacher or clergyman, who temporarily fills the place of another; a substitute.

  18. Supplely: in a supple manner, with suppleness.

  19. 1906, Ford Madox Ford, ''The fifth queen: and how she came to court'', page 68:

  20. His voice was playful and full; his back was bent supply.
  21. 1938, David Leslie Murray, ''Commander of the mists'':

  22. (..) the rain struck on her head as she bent supply to the movements of the pony, while it scrambled up the bank to the sheltering trees. For a couple of miles the path ran through woods alive with the varied voices of the rain, (..)
  23. 1963, Johanna Moosdorf, ''Next door'':

  24. She swayed slightly in the gusts, bent supply to them and seemed at one with the force which Straup found so hostile.
  25. 1988, Михаи́л Алекса́ндрович Шо́лохов (Mikhail Aleksandrovich Sholokhov), ''Quiet flows the Don'' (translated), volume 1, page 96:

  26. Grigory hesitantly took her in his arms to kiss her, but she held him off, bent supply backwards and shot a frightened glance at the windows.'They'll see!''Let them!''I'd be ashamed—'