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cult englannista suomeksi

  1. lahko

  2. palvonta

  3. kultti

  4. palvojajoukko

  1. Substantiivi

  2. lahko, uskonlahko, kultti

  3. kultti

  4. kultti-">kultti-, lahkolais-">lahkolais-

  5. kultti-">kultti-

cult englanniksi

  1. A group, sect or movement following an unorthodox religious or philosophical system of beliefs, especially one in which members remove and exclude themselves from greater society, including family members not part of the cult, and show extreme devotion to a charismatic leader.

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  4. (quote-book), John Weldon|year=1996|publisher=Harvest House Publishers|isbn=978-1565071605|passage=There are scores of modern religious cults and sects that have been influenced by Hinduism to varying degrees. Werner Erhard, founder of 'Landmark Education's 'The Forum',' and 'est' seminars, which have about 700,000 graduates, was influenced by Hinduism through Swami Muktananda, one of Erhard's principal gurus.

  5. (quote-journal)|url=|date=17 June 1998|passage=The difference between a cult and an established religion is sometimes about one generation.

  6. (quote-journal)|url=|date=17 June 1998|passage=If Jones' People's Temple wasn't a cult, then the term has no meaning.

  7. (quote-av)|(w)|3|29|episode=Multilevel Marketing|network=HBO||He sounds like a cult leader about to demand his followers drink poison. And it frankly doesn’t help that he looks like Jim Jones to a genuinely creepy degree.

  8. Devotion to a saint.

  9. The veneration and religious rites given to a deity, esp. in a historical polytheistic context.

  10. A religion that evolved out of another religion but has become a different religion through developing a radically different theology.

  11. A group of people having an obsession with or intense admiration for a particular activity, idea, person or thing.

  12. Of or relating to a cult.

  13. Enjoyed by a small, loyal group.

  14. ''a cult horror movie''

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