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  1. kuori

  2. kuoria

  3. kanta

  4. runko

  1. kuori

  2. kuoria

  3. runko

  4. Verbi

hull englanniksi

  1. Hull

  1. The outer covering of a fruit or seed.

  2. Any covering.

  3. To remove the outer covering of a fruit or seed.

  4. ''She sat on the back porch hulling peanuts.''

  5. (senseid) The body or frame of a vessel, such as a ship or plane.

  6. 1667, (w), ''(w)'', Quatrain 60, 1808, ''The Works of John Dryden'', Volume 9, page 115,

  7. Deep in their hulls our deadly bullets light, / And through the yielding planks a passage find.
  8. The smallest set that possesses a particular property (such as convexity) and contains every point of ''A''; slightly more formally, the intersection of all sets which possess the specified property and of which ''A'' is a subset.

  9. (ux)

    ''holomorphically convex hull; affine hull; injective hull''

  10. To drift; to be carried by the impetus of wind or water on the ship's hull alone, with sails furled.

  11. (RQ:Florio Montaigne Essayes)

  12. c. 1612, (w), ''VIII (play)|Henry VIII'', Act II, Scene 4,

  13. (..) Thus hulling in
    The wild sea of my conscience, I did steer
    Toward this remedy, whereupon we are
    Now present here together:
  14. 1716, (w), ''(w)'', 2nd edition edited by (w), London: J. Payne, 1756, Part I, p. 8,

  15. In this virtuous voyage of life hull not about like the ark, without the use of rudder, mast, or sail, and bound for no port.
  16. To hit (a ship) in the hull with cannon fire etc.

  17. 1774, (w), ''The Voyage of Captain Shelvock Round the World'' in David Henry (ed.), ''An Historical Account of All the Voyages Round the World, Performed by English Navigators'', London: F. Newbery, Volume 2, p. 163,

  18. During this action, we had not a man killed or wounded, although the enemy often hulled us, and once, in particular, a shot coming into one of our ports, dismounted one of our guns between decks (..)
  19. crazy, mad

  20. to (l)

  21. (uxi)

  22. to (l) (gloss)

  23. a hole

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