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crazy englannista suomeksi

  1. hulluna

  2. hulluna oleva

  3. hullu

  4. heikkopäinen

  5. mieletön

  1. hullu, mieletön, järjetön, kaheli

  2. hullu, villi, kaheli, kahjo

  3. Substantiivi

  4. hullu, mielipuoli

crazy englanniksi

  1. Flawed or damaged; unsound, liable to break apart; ramshackle. (defdate)

  2. *1789, (w), ''Zeluco'', Valancourt 2008, p. 203:

  3. Buchanan shewed her into a room adjoining to Mr. Steele's dressing-room, and separated from it by a very crazy partition.
  4. (RQ:Macaulay History of England)

  5. 1816, (w), "Memoirs of Madame de Larochejaquelein", in ''(w) February 1816''

  6. They (..) got a crazy boat to carry them to the island.
  7. (quote-book)

  8. Sickly, frail; diseased. (defdate)

  9. 1663, (w), ''(w)''

  10. Over moist and crazy brains.
  11. (RQ:Spectator)

  12. One of great riches, but a crazy constitution.
  13. *c. 1793, (w), ''Memoirs'', Penguin 1990, p. 61:

  14. My poor aunt has often told me (..) how long she herself was apprehensive lest my crazy frame, which is now of common shape, should remain for ever crooked and deformed.
  15. Of unsound mind; insane, demented. (defdate)

  16. (quote-book)|chapter=5| title= Mr. Pratt's Patients| passage=Of all the queer collections of humans outside of a crazy asylum, it seemed to me this sanitarium was the cup winner. When you're well enough off so's you don't have to fret about anything but your heft or your diseases you begin to get queer, I suppose.

  17. (ux)

  18. Out of control.

  19. Very excited or enthusiastic.

  20. 1864, (w), ''Was He Successful?''

  21. The girls were crazy to be introduced to him.
  22. love|In love; experiencing romantic feelings.

  23. Very unexpected; wildly surprising.

  24. Very, extremely.

  25. An insane or eccentric person; a crackpot.

  26. 2011 ''(w)'', "Pilot" (season 1, episode 1):

  27. Allen Gregory DeLongpre: Now drink up, you knuckleheads! Have a blast! It's our night, you crazies! Chloe, where are you?
  28. Eccentric behaviour; lunacy.

  29. (quote-text)