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hop englannista suomeksi

  1. hyppäys

  2. tanssit

  3. ylittää

  4. hypellä

  5. hypätä

  6. piipahtaa

  7. hypätä yli

  8. humala

  9. matkustaa

  1. hyppäys, hyppy

  2. hyppy

  3. hypätä, hyppiä

  4. humala

  5. Substantiivi

hop englanniksi

  1. A short jump.

  2. (ux)

  3. A jump on one leg.

  4. A short journey, especially in the case of air travel, one that take place on a private plane.

  5. (quote-journal)

  6. A bounce, especially from the ground, of a thrown or batted ball.

  7. A dance; a gathering for the purpose of dancing.

  8. The sending of a data packet from one host to another as part of its overall journey.

  9. To jump a short distance.

  10. 1918, Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Land That Time Forgot Chapter V

  11. When it had advanced from the wood, it hopped much after the fashion of a kangaroo, using its hind feet and tail to propel it, and when it stood erect, it sat upon its tail.


  12. To jump on one foot.

  13. To be in state of energetic activity.

  14. To suddenly take a mode of transportation that one does not drive oneself, often surreptitiously.

  15. To jump onto, or over

  16. (quote-journal)|location=Washington, D.C.|publisher=(w)|month=February|year=2018|issn=0027-9358|oclc=1049714034|passage=They hop the curb and cut their engines.

  17. To move frequently from one place or situation to another similar one.

  18. To walk lame; to limp.

  19. (rfquotek)

  20. To dance.

  21. The plant (''(plant)|Humulus lupulus'') from whose flowers beer or ale is brewed.

  22. (senseid) The flowers of the hop plant, dried and used to brew beer etc.

  23. Opium, or some other narcotic drug.

  24. 1940, (w), ''Farewell, My Lovely'', Penguin 2010, p. 177:

  25. ‘You've been shot full of hop and kept under it until you're as crazy as two waltzing mice.’
  26. The fruit of the rose; a hip.

  27. To impregnate with hops, especially to add hops as a flavouring agent during the production of beer

  28. (RQ:Mortimer Husbandry)

  29. To gather hops.

  30. jump

  31. (inflection of)

  32. (l), the species ''epops'' or an individual of this species

  33. any bird of the family Upupidae

  34. (l), ''lupulus''

  35. (l), get going

  36. a (l), a short jump

  37. General spurring interjection.

  38. Used to entice a horse into a run.

  39. 1913 SKVR VIII 1625. Piikkiö. Häyrinen Kalle 8. 13.

  40. ''Hop humma Huttalaan, / parastelle Pappilaa, / Pappilasta Koroissii, / Koroissista Käräjiin,''
    : ''Hop horse to Huttala ...''
  41. 1913 SKVR IX1 352. Renko. Salo Aukusti. HO 24 239. 13.

  42. ''Mee ny kuultaan kirkonkellot. / Muut kuulee karjan kellot / Hop tamma / Ei ilman haluta / Jos ei poika likkaa taluta.''
    : ''... Hop mare ...''
  43. 1915 SKVR XIV 1026. Myrskylä. Salminen, T. 117. 15.

  44. ''Hop hoppa kirkkoo! / Aja mummun aitan etee / Saat voitakaakkuu''
    : ''Hop horse to church / Run to the front of grandmother's granary ...''
  45. Voila!, presto!

  46. head, (of an organisation), chief, boss

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  49. (l), (l), (l)

  50. redwood tree

  51. heap, collection; a whole bunch