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hem englannista suomeksi

  1. hymähtää, sanoa öhöm

  2. helma

  3. päärmätä, palttaa

  4. öhöm

  1. hymistä

  2. päärme, palle, helma

  3. helma, lieve

  4. päärmätä, paltata

  5. ympäröidä

  6. Verbi

  7. Substantiivi

hem englanniksi

  1. Used to fill in the gap of a pause with a vocalized sound.

  2. An utterance or sound of the voice like "hem", often indicative of hesitation or doubt, sometimes used to call attention.

  3. January 8, 1712', (w), ''The Spectator'' No. 269

  4. his morning hems
  5. To make the sound expressed by the word ''hem''; to hesitate in speaking.

  6. (RQ:Shakespeare Ado)

  7. The border of an article of clothing doubled back and stitched together to finish the edge and prevent it from fraying.

  8. A rim or margin of something.

  9. (RQ:Shakespeare Timon)

  10. In metal design, a rim or edge folded back on itself to create a smooth edge and to increase strength or rigidity.

  11. (qualifier) To make a hem.

  12. : To put hem on an article of clothing, to edge or put a border on something.

  13. : To surround something or someone in a confining way.

  14. ''A small yard hemmed about by a tall hedge.''

  15. (obsolete form of)

  16. 1481, (w), ''The Historie of Reynart the Foxe''

  17. And wente to the kinge and to the queene, and said to hem with a glad cheer.
  18. 1485, (w), ''Paris and Vienne''

  19. For eyther of hem mayntened.
  20. 1591, (w), ''Second Frutes to be gathered of twelve trees, of diverse but delightful tastes to the tongues of Italian and English''

  21. ‘What thinke you of this English, tel me I pray you.’ ‘It is a language that wyl do you good in England but passe Dover, it is woorth nothing.’ ‘Is it not used then in other countreyes?’ ‘No sir, with whom wyl you that they speake?’ ‘With English marchants.’ ‘English marchantes, when they are out of England, it liketh hem not, and they doo not speake it.
  22. (RQ:Spenser Shepheardes Calender)

  23. Tho to the greene wood they speeden hem all.
  24. (RQ:Jonson Every Man in His Humou)

  25. Except we make hem such.
  26. (RQ:Chapman Eastward H)

  27. They go forth on Holydays and gather hem by the seashore.
  28. (n-g):

  29. he; she

  30. him; her

  31. his; her

  32. his; hers

  33. (ca-verb form of)

  34. ''Third-person singular, masculine, objective:'' him.

  35. (usex)

  36. (n-g) it.

  37. (l) (gloss)

  38. thin layer of ice

  39. (syn)

  40. (verb form of)

  41. (l), an article of clothing that is worn on the upper part of the body, and often has sleeves, either long or short, that cover the arms.

  42. (l), a component of hemoglobin.

  43. Used to express furious.

  44. eh?, well! (gloss)

  45. (inflection of)

  46. (n-g) them

  47. 14th c. (w), ''(w)''. General Prologue: 9–11.

  48. (quote)
  49. 1407, ''(w)'', pages 40–41

  50. c. 1539, (w), ''The New Testament''

  51. He prayis hem to lyue relegious lyffis and to luk waraly for the cummyng of the lord.
  52. themselves

  53. hem (gl)

  54. edge, boundary

  55. (alt form)

  56. and

  57. (imperative of)

  58. home, house

  59. hamlet

  60. (alternative form of)

  61. he/she/it (third-person singular pronoun)

  62. {{quote-book

  63. (rare form of)

  64. home; to one's home

  65. a home; one's dwelling place, as in a house or a more general geographical place; the abiding place of the affections.

  66. a home; an institution

  67. and also

  68. both; and

  69. (ux)