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code englannista suomeksi

  1. koodijärjestelmä

  2. salakirjoitus, salakirjoitusjärjestelmä

  3. koodata

  4. muuntaa koodiksi

  5. lakikokoelma, laki, säännöskokoelma

  1. koodi

  2. laki, säännöskokoelma

  3. säännöt (monikko)

  4. avain, koodi, koodisto

  5. salakirjoitusjärjestelmä

  6. ohjelmoida, koodata

  7. koodata

  8. salakirjoittaa

  9. saada kohtaus">saada kohtaus

  10. Substantiivi

code englanniksi

  1. A short symbol, often with little relation to the item it represents.

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  3. A body of law, sanctioned by legislation, in which the rules of law to be specifically applied by the courts are set forth in systematic form; a compilation of laws by public authority; a digest.

  4. 1872, (w), ''A Treatise on the Conflict of Laws''

  5. the mild and impartial spirit which pervades the Code compiled under Canute
  6. Any system of principles, rules or regulations relating to one subject.

  7. A set of rules for converting information into another form or representation.

  8. By synecdoche: a codeword, point, an encoded representation of a character, symbol, or other entity.

  9. A message represented by rules intended to conceal its meaning.

  10. (quote-journal)| title=Magician’s brain| passage=Newton was obsessed with alchemy. He spent hours copying alchemical recipes and trying to replicate them in his laboratory. He believed that the Bible contained numerological codes.

  11. A cryptographic system using a codebook that converts words or phrases into codewords.

  12. Instructions for a computer, written in a language; the input of a translator, an interpreter or a browser, namely: code, code, bytecode.

  13. A program.

  14. A particular lect or language variety.

  15. An emergency requiring situation-trained members of the staff.

  16. A set of rules that bind a group.

  17. To write software programs.

  18. To add codes to a dataset.

  19. (quote-journal)

  20. To categorise by assigning identifiers from a schedule, for example CPT coding for medical insurance purposes.

  21. To encode.

  22. To encode a protein.

  23. To call a hospital emergency code.

  24. To go into a state where a hospital emergency code is required to save one's life.

  25. Of a patient, to suffer a sudden medical emergency (gloss) such as arrest.

  26. tail

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  29. {{zh-co|揼{dap6} c{}o{}d{}e{kuk1}|to write (computer) code|C

  30. book or body of laws, code of laws, (l)

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  32. system of rules and principles, e.g. of conduct

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  34. code (gloss)

  35. code

  36. queue, line

  37. (monikko) it|coda

  38. (senseid) Any kind of plant gum; a gummy or resinous substance.

  39. Cud; regurgitated food chewed upon by livestock.

  40. (quote-book) |chapter=Osee 7:14 |passage=And thei crieden not to me in her herte, but ȝelliden in her beddis. Thei chewiden code on wheete, and wyn, and thei ȝeden awei fro me.|translation=And they didn't cry to me from their hearts; instead they whined in their beds. They chewed wheat and wine like cud, then they ran away from me.

  41. A mass or lump; a large pile of something.

  42. (senseid) A coherent and unified body of laws.

  43. The core of someone's last testament.

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