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camber englannista suomeksi

  1. camber-kulma, pystykallistuma

  2. kallistuma, kallistus

  3. kaareutua, kaartua

  1. Substantiivi

  2. kaltevuus

  3. sivukallistuma, pystykallistuma

  4. kaarevuus

  5. Verbi

  6. kaareutua

  7. kallistaa

camber englanniksi

  1. A slight convexity, arching or curvature of a surface of a road, beam, roof, ship's deck etc., so that liquids will flow off the sides.

  2. (RQ:Hollinghurst Line)

  3. The slope of a curved road created to minimize the effect of force.

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  5. (quote-book)

  6. An upward concavity in the underside of a beam, girder, or lintel; also, a slight upward concavity in a straight arch.

  7. The alignment on the roll axis of the wheels of a road vehicle, where positive camber signifies that the wheels are closer together at the bottom than the top.

  8. The curvature of an airfoil.

  9. A small enclosed dock in which timber for masts (etc.) is kept to weather.

  10. To curve upwards in the middle.

  11. To adjust the camber of the wheels of a vehicle.

  12. ''Because he cambered the tires too much, he had less control on the turns.''