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villa englannista suomeksi

  1. villa, huvila

  2. paritalo, omakotitalo

  1. Substantiivi

  2. huvila

  3. Verbi

villa englanniksi

  1. Villa

  2. wool

  3. woolen, woollen

  4. fleece

  1. A house, often larger and more expensive than average, in the countryside or on the coast, often used as a retreat.

  2. {{quote-book|en|year=1922|author=Arlen|Michael Arlen|title=“Piracy”: A Romantic Chronicle of These Days|chapter=3/6/1|url=

  3. A family house, often semi-detached, in a class street.

  4. A country house, with farm buildings around a courtyard.

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  7. aberration

  8. mistake, error

  9. to stray, to astray

  10. to err

  11. wool

  12. villa

  13. villa

  14. house in the country

  15. fork

  16. a mistake, an error

  17. heresy

  18. to misguide, to astray, to deceive

  19. mansion

  20. house, residence

  21. house, (l)

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  23. countryside

  24. farm

  25. village, small town

  26. city, town

  27. house; villa

  28. estate, farm

  29. a city

  30. (rfc-sense) (quote-text)|title=Glossarium mediæ et infimæ latinitatis|volume=?|page=329b|passage=Nunc villæ ingentes, oppida parva prius.

  31. (quote-text)|title=Glossarium ad Scriptores Mediæ & Infimæ Latinitatis, in quo (..)|volume=3|column=1331|passage=VILLA, Civitas, Gallis ''Ville''. Ita usurpasse videtur Rutilius Numatianus in Itiner. dum oppida à civitatibus distinguit, & ortas civitates ex oppidis indicat:

  32. (inflection of)

  33. wool

  34. a (l), large (l) (topics)

  35. (obsolete spelling of)

  36. small town

  37. settlement with a minimum of five thousand inhabitants (bigger than a town but smaller that a city) that has asked for the title officially. Previously, this title was granted by the king.

  38. a (l), a house; a free-standing family house of any size but the very smallest

  39. to confuse (someone); causing a feeling of being lost

  40. incorrect perception

  41. (syn)

  42. house in the country, villa