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incorrect englannista suomeksi

  1. sopimaton

  2. virheellinen

  3. väärä

  1. virheellinen

  2. Substantiivi

incorrect englanniksi

  1. Not correct; erroneous or wrong.

  2. ''He gave an incorrect answer to a simple question.''

  3. Faulty or defective.

  4. ''The computer crashed due to incorrect programming.''

  5. Inappropriate or improper.

  6. ''He was sacked because of his incorrect behaviour towards his secretary.''

  7. An item or response that is incorrect.

  8. 2013, (w), ''Behavior Analysis for Effective Teaching''

  9. Having each day's rates of corrects and incorrects written next to the graph also makes it easier for you to check the ... If you also have students count problems incorrect, calling them “not yets,” or “learning opportunities,” or ...
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  13. poorly made; made clumsily or carelessly; defective; shoddy, sloppy

  14. (l) (gloss); rude, impolite

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  16. disloyal

  17. (q) improper, inappropriate