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poorly englannista suomeksi

  1. huonossa kunnossa oleva, huonossa kunnossa, kipeä

  2. huonosti

poorly englanniksi

  1. In a poor manner or condition; without plenty, or sufficiency, or suitable provision for comfort.

  2. ''to live poorly''

  3. With little or no success; indifferently; with little profit or advantage.

  4. ''to do poorly in business''

  5. Meanly; without spirit.

  6. (RQ:Dryden A)

  7. Nor is their courage or their wealth so low, / That from his wars they poorly would retire.
  8. Without skill or merit.

  9. ''He plays tennis poorly.''

  10. In a negative manner; with disapproval.

  11. ''I think poorly of them.''

    ''She looked poorly on that suggestion.''

  12. ill, unwell, sick