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spool englannista suomeksi

  1. kela, puola, rulla

  2. tallentaa väliaikaisesti, tehdä välitallennus

  3. kelata, käämiä, puolata

  1. hylsy, rulla, puola

  2. lähettää jonoon">lähettää jonoon

spool englanniksi

  1. A reel; a device around which thread, wire or cable is wound, especially a cylinder or spindle.

  2. 2011, Rebekah Modrak, ‎Bill Anthes, ''Reframing Photography: Theory and Practice''

  3. If you need to reload film, the cassette can be rewound slightly by turning the hub located on one end of its spool.
  4. One of the rotating assemblies of a turbine engine, composed of one or more turbine stages, a shaft, and one or more compressor or fan stages.

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  6. A temporary storage area for mail, etc.

  7. To wind on a spool or spools.

  8. To send files to a device or a program (a spooler or a daemon that puts them in a queue for processing at a later time).

  9. A small pool that can be used also as a spa.