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sock englannista suomeksi

  1. sukka

  2. täräyttää, motata

  3. tuulipussi

  1. sukka

  2. isku, lyönti

  3. iskeä (1)

  4. Substantiivi

sock englanniksi

  1. A knitted or woven covering for the foot.

  2. A shoe worn by Greco-Roman comedy actors.

  3. A cat's or dog's lower leg that is a different color (usually white) from the color pattern on the rest of the animal.

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  5. A puppet.

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  7. (quote-book)|title=Aircraft Accident Report: United Airlines Flight 663, Boeing 727-222, N7647U, Denver, Colorado, May 31, 1984|chapter=1.1 History of the Flight|url=|page=4|text=At 1331:58, UA Flight 757 reported that it was ready for takeoff on runway 35R. However, at 1332:05, 7 seconds later, it reported, "Ah, this is seven fifty seven, our sock sitting in front of us gives us a pretty good tail wind so we're not ready to go yet." The controller asked the flight to advise him when conditions were better.

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  10. To hit or strike violently; to deliver a blow to.

  11. (RQ:Doyle Land of Mist)

  12. (RQ:Salinger Catcher)

  13. 1951, (w), ''From Here to Eternity'', Book Four:

  14. They may let you off the first time because you're new maybe. But the second time they'll sock it to you, give you a couple of days in the Hole, then throw you in Number Two.
  15. (quote-web)|work=The Guardian|passage=As part of ABC’s coverage of the police “blue riot” that ensued in Chicago – batons cracking student skulls – Vidal calls Buckley a “crypto-Nazi” for justifying the brutality, to which Buckley snaps: “Listen to me you queer, stop calling me a crypto-Nazi or I’ll sock you in the goddamn face and you’ll stay plastered.”

  16. To throw.

  17. A violent blow; a punch.

  18. (quote-book)

  19. Extremely successful.

  20. 1960, ''Billboard'' magazine reviewer

  21. Sock performance on a catchy rhythm ditty with infectious tempo.
  22. A ploughshare.

  23. D. Brewster, ''The Edinburgh Encyclopaedia''

  24. In Wexford, the beam is shorter than in any of the other counties, and the sock in general is of cast iron.
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