suomi-englanti sanakirja

rift englannista suomeksi

  1. halkeama, lohkeama

  2. särö

  3. rako

  1. kuilu, halkeama, repeämä

  2. aukko; valopilkku y

  3. Substantiivi

  4. Verbi

rift englanniksi

  1. A chasm or fissure.

  2. (ux)

  3. A lack of cohesion; a state of conflict, incompatibility, or emotional distance.

  4. A break in the clouds, fog, mist etc., which allows light through.

  5. (quote-book)

  6. A shallow place in a stream; a ford.

  7. To form a rift; to split open.

  8. To cleave; to rive; to split.

  9. (RQ:Shakespeare Tempest)

  10. 1894, Ivan Dexter, ''Talmud: A Strange Narrative of Central Australia'', published in serial form in ''Port Adelaide News and Lefevre's Peninsula Advertiser'' (SA), Chapter III, http://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks16/1600641.txt

  11. (quote)
  12. To belch.

  13. (past participle of)

  14. (quote-journal)

  15. (l)

  16. a rip, tear (q)

  17. a break (q)

  18. a scratch (q)

  19. a (l)

  20. a veil; curtain; cloak

  21. (l)

  22. to belch, burp