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resolve englannista suomeksi

  1. päättää

  2. selvittää

  3. ratkaista

  4. päätös

  5. määrätietoisuus

  6. tehdä päätös

  7. sekoittaa

  8. erottaa

  1. ratkaista

  2. ratkaista, selvittää, selittää

  3. päättää

  4. hajottaa

  5. ratkaista; vakuuttaa to convince, varmistaa make certain

  6. purkaa

  7. selvittää IP-osoite">selvittää IP-osoite

  8. sulattaa

  9. sulaa

  10. nesteyttää

  11. levitä

  12. rentoutua, ottaa rennosti

  13. tahdonvoima

  14. Verbi

resolve englanniksi

  1. To find a solution to (a problem).

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  3. To reduce to simple or intelligible notions; to make clear or certain; to unravel; to explain.

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  7. To make a firm decision to do something. To become determined to reach a certain goal or take a certain action.

  8. (quote-book) Dillon Chamberlaine|year=1762|page=202|oclc=519072825|passage=At length, one night, when the company by ſome accident broke up much ſooner than ordinary, ſo that the candles were not half burnt out, ſhe was not able to reſiſt the temptation, but reſolved to have them ſome way or other. Accordingly, as ſoon as the hurry was over, and the ſervants, as ſhe thought, all gone to ſleep, ſhe ſtole out of her bed, and went down ſtairs, naked to her ſhift as ſhe was, with a deſign to ſteal them (..)

  9. To determine or decide in purpose; to make ready in mind; to fix; to settle.

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  11. To come to an agreement or make peace; patch up relationship, settle differences, bury the hatchet.

  12. To break down into constituent parts; to decompose; to disintegrate; to return to a simpler constitution or a primeval state.

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  15. To cause to perceive or understand; to acquaint; to inform; to convince; to assure; to make certain.

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  20. To cause a chord to go from dissonance to consonance.

  21. To render visible or distinguishable the parts of something.

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  23. To find the address of a hostname, or the entity referred to by a symbol in code; to up.

  24. To melt; to dissolve; to liquefy or soften (a solid).

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  26. To melt; to dissolve; to become liquid.

  27. {{RQ:Arbuthnot Aliments

  28. To liquefy (a gas or vapour).

  29. To disperse or scatter; to discuss, as an inflammation or a tumour.

  30. To relax; to lie at ease.

  31. {{RQ:Jonson Discoveries

  32. To separate racemic compounds into their enantiomers.

  33. To solve (an equation, etc.).

  34. Determination; power.

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  36. ''It took all my resolve to go through with the surgery.''

  37. (quote-song)

  38. A determination to do something; a fixed decision.

  39. {{quote-text|en|year=1995|author=William Arctander O'Brien|title=Novalis, Signs of Revolution|page=56

  40. An act of resolving something; resolution.

  41. {{quote-text|en|year=2008|author=Matt Lombard|title=SolidWorks 2007 Bible|page=956

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