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radical englannista suomeksi

  1. radikaali

  2. juuri-

  3. radikaalinen

  4. juuri

  5. mullistava

  6. vartalo

  7. perimmäinen

  8. radikaali-

  1. juuri / juuri-

  2. perus / perus-

  3. perusteellinen, mullistava, radikaalinen med.

  4. radikaali

  5. radikaalinen

  6. radikaalinen, radikaali / radikaali-

  7. huima

  8. Substantiivi

  9. juuri

  10. vapaa radikaali

radical englanniksi

  1. Favoring fundamental change, or change at the root cause of a matter.

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  3. Pertaining to a root (qualifier).

  4. Pertaining to the basic or intrinsic nature of something.

  5. (RQ:Burke Revolution in France)

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  7. Thoroughgoing; far-reaching.

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  9. Of or pertaining to the root of a word.

  10. Produced using the root of the tongue.

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  12. Involving radicals.

  13. Relating to a radix or mathematical root.

  14. Excellent; awesome.

  15. A member of the most progressive wing of the Liberal Party; someone favouring social reform (but generally stopping short of socialism).

  16. A member of an influential, centrist political party favouring moderate social reform, a republican constitution, and secular politics.

  17. A person with radical opinions.

  18. A root (of a number or quantity).

  19. (senseid) In logographic writing systems such as the Chinese writing system, the portion of a character (if any) that provides an indication of its meaning, as opposed to phonetic.

  20. (c) In Celtic languages, refers to the basic, underlying form of an initial consonant which can be further ''mutated'' under the Celtic initial consonant mutations.

  21. (c) In Semitic languages, any one of the set of consonants (typically three) that make up a root.

  22. A group of atoms, joined by bonds, that take part in reactions as a single unit.

  23. A radical.

  24. Given an ideal ''I'' in a commutative ring ''R'', another ideal, denoted Rad(''I'') or \sqrt{I}, such that an element ''x'' ∈ ''R'' is in Rad(''I'') if, for some positive integer ''n'', ''xn'' ∈ ''I''; ''equivalently'', the intersection of all ideals containing ''I''.

  25. Given a ring ''R'', an ideal containing elements of ''R'' that share a property considered, in some sense, "not good".

  26. The intersection of maximal submodules of a given module.

  27. The product of the distinct factors of a given positive integer.

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  29. (l), root

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  31. root (gloss)

  32. (l) (gloss)

  33. drastic; extreme

  34. excellent; awesome; thrilling

  35. extreme (gloss)

  36. radical, seismic

  37. radical