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engineer englannista suomeksi

  1. suunnitella

  2. junailla, toteuttaa

  3. insinööri

  4. veturinkuljettaja, junankuljettaja

  1. Substantiivi

  2. insinööri

  3. veturinkuljettaja

  4. Verbi

  5. suunnitella, juonia, junailla

  6. suunnitella, toteuttaa depending on the focus of the work

engineer englanniksi

  1. A soldier engaged in designing or constructing military works for attack or defence, or other engineering works.

  2. (RQ:Shakespeare Hamlet Q1-2)|translation=For it's amusing to have the engineer / Hoisted into the sky with his own explosive, and if I'm lucky / I will dig one yard below their mines, / And blow them towards the Moon: (..)

  3. (RQ:Purchas Pilgrimes)|page=173|section=IIII|passage=Novv he began another Trade, and became an Ingenor, hauing got eight Fire-brands of hell more to him, onely of purpoſe to ſet our houſe a fire.

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  7. A soldier charge of operating a weapon; an artilleryman, a gunner.

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  12. A person professionally engaged in the technical design and construction of large-scale private and works such as bridges, buildings, harbours, railways, roads, etc.; a engineer.

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  14. Originally, a person engaged in designing, constructing, or maintaining engines or machinery; now , a person qualified or professionally engaged in any branch of engineering, or studying to do so.

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  16. (RQ:Middleton Works) and more to express the invention and the art of the engineer, as also for motion, variety, and the content of the spectators, this Crystal Temple is made to open in many parts, at fit and convenient times, and upon occasion of the speech; (..)

  17. A person trained to operate an engine; an engineman.

  18. A person who operates a engine; specifically , a person employed to operate the steam engine in the room of a ship.

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  21. A person who drives or operates a engine.

  22. A person who drives or operates a locomotive; a train driver.

  23. ''Preceded by a qualifying word'': a person who uses abilities or knowledge to manipulate events or people.

  24. (ux)

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  26. A person who formulates plots or schemes; a plotter, a schemer.

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  28. (RQ:Jonson Sejanus), wee are no good inginers; / VVe vvant the fine arts, & their thriuing vſe, / Should make vs grac'd, or fauour'd of the times: / (..) / VVe burne with no black ſecrets, vvhich can make / Vs deare to the pale authors; or liue fear'd / Of their ſtill vvaking iealouſies, to raiſe / Our ſelues a fortune, by ſubuerting theirs.

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  30. To employ one's abilities and knowledge as an engineer to design, construct, and/or maintain (something, such as a machine or a structure), usually for industrial or public use.

  31. To use engineering to alter or construct (a DNA sequence), or to alter (an organism).

  32. (quote-book)

  33. To plan or achieve (a goal) by contrivance or guile; to finagle, to wangle.

  34. To formulate plots or schemes; to plot, to scheme.

  35. (synonyms)

  36. To work as an engineer.

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