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adjunct englannista suomeksi

  1. lisä-, epäolennainen ominaisuus, lisä, satunnainen ominaisuus

  2. apulainen

  3. attribuutti, määre

  4. alainen, apu-, apulais-

  5. ylimääräinen

  1. Substantiivi

  2. adjunkti

adjunct englanniksi

  1. An appendage; something attached to something else in a subordinate capacity.

  2. (syn)

  3. (RQ:Marlowe Tamburlaine)

  4. (RQ:Shakespeare Love's Labour's Lost)

  5. A person associated with another, usually in a subordinate position; a colleague.

  6. (RQ:Wotton Parallel)

  7. An unmalted grain or grain product that supplements the main mash ingredient.

  8. A quality or property of the body or mind, whether natural or acquired, such as colour in the body or judgement in the mind.

  9. A key or scale closely related to another as principal; a relative or attendant key.

  10. A dispensable phrase in a clause or sentence that modifies its meaning.

  11. (coi)


  12. A constituent which is both the daughter and the sister of an X-bar.

  13. (quote-book)

  14. We can see from (34) that Determiners are sisters of N-bar and daughters of N-double-bar; Adjuncts are both sisters and daughters of N-bar; and Complements are sisters of N and daughters of N-bar. This means that Adjuncts resemble Complements in that both are daughters of N-bar; but they differ from Complements in that Adjuncts are sisters of N-bar, whereas Complements are sisters of N. Likewise, it means that Adjuncts resemble Determiners in that both are sisters of N-bar, but they differ from Determiners in that Adjuncts are daughters of N-bar, whereas Determiners are daughters of N-double-bar.
  15. Symploce.

  16. One of a pair of morphisms which relate to each other through a pair of functors.

  17. Connected in a subordinate function.

  18. (RQ:Shakespeare King John)

  19. Added to a faculty or staff in a secondary position.

  20. An (l), a subordinate person, esp. an attendant of a government official.

  21. deputy