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  1. (''formally'') An arrow in a category; (''less formally'') an abstraction that generalises a map from one mathematical object to another and is structure-preserving in a way that depends on the branch of mathematics from which it arises. Category:en:Functions

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  3. 1° ''The composition of two morphisms is defined if and only if the final object of the first morphism is the initial object of the second. This composition is also a morphism, whose initial object is the initial object of the first morphism and whose final object is the final object of the second.''
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  5. In certain extreme cases in mathematics, the synthesis of morphisms and of transformations is so intimate that one can speak of a veritable fusion.(..)Essentially, categories are sets of morphisms organized into operatory systems.
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  7. Being or having distinct variants of a plant or animal species in the same locale; polymorphism.

  8. (quote-book) The colour morphism of males is proved to be irreversible after its expression at an early stage of ontogeny.