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à englanniksi

  1. a

  2. A

  1. of, of...each, each containing

  2. at

  3. to, or

  4. (non-gloss definition)

  5. (ux)

  6. a, per, each

  7. (synsee)

  8. (n-g)

  9. to (qualifier)

  10. (coi)


  11. to (gloss)

  12. on the, to (qualifier)

  13. at (qualifier)

  14. at, in, on (qualifier)

  15. (ux)à trois kilomètres de chez nous.|The house that was destroyed last night was only three kilometers from our place.

  16. from (qualifier)

  17. of (gloss)

  18. (syn)

    (uxi) here

  19. till, until (qualifier)

  20. cooked in or with

  21. to (qualifier)

  22. by

  23. or, to (qualifier)

  24. (RQ:Cervantes Viardot Don Quichotte)être témoins des cruautés inouïes que mon maître exerçait sur les chrétiens. Chaque jour il en faisait pendre quelqu{{'un; on empalait celui-là, on coupait les oreilles à celui-ci (..).|t=Even though hunger and destitution tormented us sometimes, and even almost always, nothing caused us as much torment as being witnesses to the unheard-of cruelties that my master exercised on the Christians. Every day, he made someone hang; they impaled that one, they cut the ears off of this one(..).

  25. with

  26. (quote-book)

  27. at (a specified price or rate of exchange per item)

  28. (l), @ (gloss)

  29. la, in the style of, after the manner of

  30. The letter (angbr) in a stressed final syllable.

  31. (obsolete spelling of), (inflection of)

  32. (inflection of)

  33. (cmn-pinyin of)

  34. he, she

  35. (alternative form of): at; to

  36. 1537, Cicero (original author), ''Epistres familiaires traduictz de latin en francois et nouvellement imprimez'' link

  37. {{quote|frm|on les vend à Paris
  38. to, at

  39. sign

  40. to, up to

  41. at ... each

  42. in, a

  43. ((n-g)) up to, in

  44. (l), (l), (l), (l), (l), (l)

  45. (senseid) (contraction of): (infl of)

  46. (RQ:mul:Rowling Harry Potter)

  47. (senseid) (misspelling of)

  48. forms adverbs meaning "in a manner related or resembling"

  49. (senseid) (clipping of)

  50. accented preposition, the preposition a is accented when it comes before feminine words in prepositional, adverbial and conjunctive phrases; in

  51. (misspelling of)

  52. verbal suffix for marking past tense on transitive verbs.

  53. (non-gloss definition) with the accent.

  54. from, of

  55. ''Additional letter, used in some words to denote the short stress on (l).''

  56. (qualifier) ''Phonetic transcription of sound ''(IPAlink).

  57. (qualifier) ''Additional letter, used in some words to denote the long stress on a.''

  58. for, per (the price, mass etc.) (+obj)

  59. (synonyms)

  60. (obsolete spelling of)

  61. ... to ...

  62. (quote-journal)|title=Landsorts-tidningar, Wisby|trans-title=Non-capital newspapers, Visby|page=2|pageurl=https://tidningar.kb.se/8206782/1850-08-13/edition/144010/part/1/page/2/?q=Skyskrap*&sort=asc|text=Sistlidne Fredag gaf den sydliga vinden, som då började blåsa med laber kultie signalen till skådespelets början; dagen derpå defilerade i prydlig ordning en svärm af seglare omkring 40 à 50 tre- och två-mastare, många i full skrud, med läsegel och skyskrap!|t=Last Friday, the southern wind, which began to blow gently, gave the signal for the start of the spectacle; the next day, a swarm of sailboats, around 40 to 50 three- and two-masters, paraded in orderly fashion, many in full regalia, with studding sails and skyscrapers!

  63. (quote-book)|title=Memoarer från det inre|page=136|url=https://litteraturbanken.se/f%C3%B6rfattare/AbeniusM/titlar/MemoarerFr%C3%A5nDetInre/sida/142/faksimil|text=Jag har hela mitt liv, dvs. en 25 à 30 år fantiserat om en ny form, någonting som inte vore roman och inte essä, (..)|t=I have my whole life, ie. a 25 to 30 year fantasized about a new form, something that would not be a novel and not an essay, (..)

  64. @, at, each

  65. 2017 April 1, "Ovärdigt Finland att marginalisera dem med autism och deras närstående" of Finland to marginalize those with autism and their relatives (letter to the editor), ''Hufvudstadsbladet'', Helsinki: Media|KSF Media, accessed 11 November 2020:

  66. (quote)
  67. blood aunt (younger than one's father)

  68. (uxi) paternal aunt

  69. yeah

  70. (l); (l)

  71. (ng)