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zipper englannista suomeksi

  1. sulkea vetoketjulla

  2. vetoketju

  1. Substantiivi

  2. Verbi

zipper englanniksi

  1. A fastener.

  2. (ux)

  3. A pressure-sensitive plastic closure.

  4. A zipper.

  5. A scar on a person's body.

  6. (quote-book)

  7. An air patrol carried out at dawn or dusk.

  8. (quote-book) the usual gap between the time the last strike of the day departed and the first night hecklers arrived was closed with "zippers" — night fighters who, using day fighter tactics, proceeded to the target in daylight in time to relieve the last day blanket patrol.

  9. A string of pegs or clips attached to the body and then quickly pulled off.

  10. A technique for arbitrarily traversing an aggregate structure and updating its contents. See (w).

  11. to close a zipper.

  12. ''He zippered his sweater against the cold''.

  13. to put a zipper on an article.

  14. ''These fall jackets are zippered''.

  15. to zip, compress

  16. (synonyms)

  17. to up (gloss)