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zip englannista suomeksi

  1. sulkea vetoketjulla, sulkea

  2. nolla

  3. virta, puhti

  4. suhahtaa, kipaista, vilahtaa

  5. vetoketju

  1. vinkuna, viuhina continuous, vingahdus, viuhahdus individual

  2. puhti, virta

  3. viuh

  4. sulkea vetoketjulla">sulkea vetoketjulla

  5. sulkea, sinetöidä

  6. pakata

  7. ujeltaa

  8. vilahtaa, kipaista

  9. Substantiivi

zip englanniksi

  1. ZIP

  1. The high-pitched sound of a small object moving rapidly through air.

  2. Energy; vigor; vim.

  3. A fastener.

  4. Zero; nothing.

  5. ''I know zip about economics.''

  6. A trip on a zipline.

  7. A file.

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  9. An ounce of marijuana.

  10. Imitative of high-pitched sound of a small object moving rapidly through air.

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  12. To close with a fastener.

  13. To close as if with a zip fastener.

  14. ''zip one's lip''

  15. To compress (one or more computer files) into a single and often smaller file, especially one in the ZIP format.

  16. To subject to the convolution mapping function.

  17. To move rapidly (in a specified direction or to a specified place) with a high-pitched sound.

  18. ''The bullet zipped through the air.''

  19. To move in haste (in a specified direction or to a specified place).

  20. ''Zip down to the shops for some milk.''

  21. (quote-journal)|title=‘Chushingura — 47 Ronin’ Revie A Sprawling Tale of Loyalty|journal=(w)|url=|passage=Despite writing that can be confusing — we are not told, for example, how Oishi’s group of 56 ronin ended up just 47, or maybe a supertitle zipped by too quickly — the story moves at a steady clip. And Dachs’s decision to have women play some of the male roles, most prominently Kira, is very effective.

  22. To make (something) move quickly

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  24. To travel on a zipline.

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  26. zip