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nothing englannista suomeksi

  1. ei ensinkään

  2. tyhjyys

  1. ei mikään, ei mitään

  2. ei mitään

  3. Substantiivi

nothing englanniksi

  1. Not any thing; no thing.

  2. (quote-book)|passage=the players see little or nothing of their cards at first starting|title=(w)

  3. (RQ:Maxwell Mirror and the Lamp)

  4. (quote-journal)

  5. An absence of anything, including empty space, brightness, darkness, matter, or a vacuum.

  6. Something trifling, or of no consequence or importance.

  7. ''- What happened to your face?- It's nothing.''

  8. (RQ:Taylor Heniayto)

  9. Sermons are not like curious inquiries after new nothings, but pursuances of old truths.
  10. (quote-video game)

  11. A trivial remark (especially in the term (m)).

  12. A nobody (insignificant person).

  13. ''You're nothing to me now!''

  14. Not at all; in no way.

  15. (quote-book)