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vernacular englannista suomeksi

  1. arkikielinen, kansanomainen, kansankielinen

  2. kansankieli, arkikieli, puhekieli

  3. ammattikieli, slangi

  1. Substantiivi

  2. kansalliskieli

  3. arkikieli, kansankieli, puhekieli

  4. slangi, murre

  5. kansankieli

  6. arkikielinen, kansankielinen, puhekielinen

vernacular englanniksi

  1. The language of a people or a national language.

  2. ''A vernacular of the United States is English.''

  3. Everyday speech or dialect, including colloquialisms, as opposed to standard, literary, liturgical, or scientific idiom.

  4. ''Street vernacular can be quite different from what is heard elsewhere.''

  5. Language unique to a particular group of people; jargon, argot.

  6. ''For those of a certain age, hiphop vernacular might just as well be a foreign language.''

  7. A language lacking standardization or a written form.

  8. Indigenous spoken language, as distinct from a literary or language such as (w).

  9. ''Vatican II allowed the celebration of the mass in the vernacular.''

  10. Of or pertaining to everyday language, as opposed to standard, literary, liturgical, or scientific idiom.

  11. (quote-book)|year=1983|publisher=Knopf|ISBN=0679722106|passage=There are blacktips, silvertips, bronze whalers, black whalers, spinner sharks, and bignose sharks. These of course are vernacular names, but this is one case where the scientific nomenclature does not clarify the species, since it is now being revised.|page=111

  12. Belonging to the country of one's birth; one's own by birth or nature; native; indigenous.

  13. ''a vernacular disease''

  14. Of or related to local building materials and styles; not imported.

  15. Connected to a collective memory; not imported.

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