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collective englannista suomeksi

  1. ryhmä-, yhteis-

  2. kollektiivinen

  3. kollektiivi

  1. yhteinen

  2. kokoava

  3. kollektiivinen

  4. Substantiivi

  5. kollektiivitila

  6. kolhoosi

  7. kollektiivinen substantiivi">kollektiivinen substantiivi

  8. kollektiivi

collective englanniksi

  1. Formed by gathering or collecting; gathered into a mass, sum, or body.

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  3. Tending to collect; forming a collection.

  4. (RQ:Young Night-Thoughts) to fix a point, / A central point, collective of his sons.

  5. Having plurality of origin or authority.

  6. Expressing a collection or aggregate of individuals, by a singular form.

  7. Deducing consequences; reasoning; inferring.

  8. (RQ:Browne Religio Medici)

  9. A farm owned by a collection of people.

  10. One of more farms managed and owned, through the state, by the community.

  11. A noun or name.

  12. A group dedicated to a particular cause or interest.

  13. 2005, Zoya Kocur, Simon Leung, ''Theory in contemporary art since 1985'' (page 76)

  14. There are, however, a number of contemporary artists and art collectives that have defined their practice precisely around the facilitation of dialogue among diverse communities.
  15. (quote-journal)

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