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flight englannista suomeksi

  1. portaat, portaikko, raput

  2. lento, kiito

  3. lentue

  4. ampua lennosta

  5. sulittaa

  6. lentäminen

  7. lentää parvessa

  8. rata

  9. muodostelma

  10. parvi

  11. pako

  1. lentäminen, lento

  2. lento

  3. parvi

  4. portaat, raput, portaikko

  5. kerros

  6. sulka

  7. paperilennokki

  8. lentorata

  9. vakain

  10. lentue

  11. pako

  12. Substantiivi

flight englanniksi

  1. The act of flying.

  2. (ux)

  3. An instance of flying.

  4. (n-g)

  5. A trip made by an aircraft, particularly one between two cities or countries, which is often planned or reserved in advance.

  6. A series of stairs between landings.

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  8. A group of canal locks with a short distance between them

  9. A floor which is reached by stairs or escalators.

  10. The feathers on an arrow or dart used to help it follow an even path.

  11. (RQ:Shakespeare Merchant of Venice) In my ſchoole dayes, when I had loſt one ſhaft / I ſhot his fellow of the ſelfeſame flight / The ſelfeſame way, with more aduiſed watch / To finde the other forth, and by aduenturing both, / I oft found both. I vrge this child-hoode proofe, (..)

  12. A airplane. (rfex)

  13. The movement of a spinning ball through the air - concerns its speed, trajectory and drift.

  14. The ballistic trajectory of an arrow or other projectile.

  15. An aerodynamic surface designed to guide such a projectile's trajectory.

  16. An force unit.

  17. Several sample glasses of a specific wine varietal or other beverage. The pours are smaller than a full glass and the flight will generally include three to five different samples.

  18. The shaped material forming the thread of a screw.

  19. An episode of imaginative thinking or dreaming.

  20. ''a of fancy; a flight of the imagination''

  21. Fast, swift, fleet.

  22. To throw the ball in such a way that it has more airtime and more spin than usual.

  23. To throw or kick something so as to send it flying with more loft or airtime than usual.

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  25. The act of fleeing.

  26. ''take flight''

    ''the flight of a refugee''

  27. (quote-book)

  28. 1902, John Buchan, ''The Outgoing of the Tide''

  29. But the sight of her eyes was not a thing to forget. John Dodds said they were the een of a deer with the Devil ahint them; and indeed, they would so appal an onlooker that a sudden unreasoning terror came into his heart, while his feet would impel him to flight.
  30. (l) (act of flying)