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theme englannista suomeksi

  1. teemoittaa

  2. puheenaihe, aihe

  3. vartalo

  4. teema

  5. kirjoitelma

  1. Substantiivi

  2. aihe

  3. teema, aihe

  4. teema

  5. vartalo

  6. aihe, puheenaihe

  7. Verbi

theme englanniksi

  1. A subject, now especially of a talk or an artistic piece; a topic.

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  3. A recurring idea; a motif.

  4. A concept with multiple instantiations.

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  6. Any of various colors, or color palettes, in which a design is offered; any of various skins for an app, affecting the visuals and perhaps other elements such as sound effects.

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  8. An essay written for school.

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  11. The main melody of a piece of music, especially one that is the source of variations.

  12. A song, or a snippet of a song, that identifies a film, a TV program, a character, etc. by playing at the appropriate time.

  13. The stem of a word.

  14. relation|thematic relation of a phrase to a verb.

  15. role|Theta role in grammar and and binding theory.

  16. Topic, what is generally being talked about, as opposed to rheme.

  17. A regional unit of organisation in the Byzantine empire.

  18. To give a theme to.

  19. ''We themed the birthday party around superheroes.''

  20. To apply a theme to; to change the visual appearance and/or layout of (software).

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