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essay englannista suomeksi

  1. koetella, testata, kokeilla, tutkia

  2. yrittää

  3. koe, yritys

  4. tutkielma, essee, kirjoitelma

  1. essee, kirjoitelma; aine, ainekirjoitus in school

  2. Substantiivi

essay englanniksi

  1. A written composition of moderate length, exploring a particular issue or subject.

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  3. A test, experiment; an assay.

  4. An attempt.

  5. 1988, James McPherson, ''Battle Cry of Freedom'', Oxford 2003, p. 455:

  6. This was Lee's first essay in the kind of offensive-defensive strategy that was to become his hallmark.
  7. A proposed design for a stamp or a banknote.

  8. To try.

  9. (quote-text)|title=The House Behind the Cedars|chapter=II|passage=He retraced his steps to the front gate, which he essayed to open.

  10. To move forth, as into battle.

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  12. an (l), a written composition of moderate length exploring a particular subject