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  1. theeta

  1. Substantiivi

  2. theeta

theta englanniksi

  1. The eighth letter of the Greek alphabet, ninth in Old Greek: Θ, θ.

  2. The measure of an angle.

  3. Pitch angle; the angle between an aircraft's longitudinal axis and the horizontal plane.

  4. The sensitivity of the value of a derivative with respect to time; the "time decay".

  5. Designating a level of brain activity as measured by electroencephalography having a frequency of between four and seven cycles per second (associated with drowsiness in adults).

  6. *2018, Meghan O'Gieblyn, "The Most Unread Book Ever Acclaimed", ''The Paris Review'', 19 September:

  7. The reader is less likely to throw the book down in a fit of disgust than she is to be lulled into a theta state, a highway hypnosis induced by page after page of incantatory prose.
  8. The voiceless dental fricative represented by θ.

  9. (l); the script|Greek letter Θ (lowercase θ).

  10. theta (gloss)

  11. theta (Greek letter)

  12. reliable

  13. trustworthy

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  15. (pt-obsolete-hellenism)

  16. theta; the Greek letter Θ, θ

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