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subscribe englannista suomeksi

  1. allekirjoittaa

  2. tilata

  3. lahjoittaa

  4. merkitä

  1. Verbi

  2. tilata

  3. tilata, ostaa, olla asiakas">olla asiakas

  4. allekirjoittaa

  5. maksaa jäsenmaksu">maksaa jäsenmaksu

  6. lahjoittaa contribute; luvata lahjoittaa">luvata lahjoittaa promise to contribute

  7. luvata lahjoittaa">luvata lahjoittaa

  8. merkitä osakkeita">merkitä osakkeita

  9. alistua

  10. luovuttaa

  11. julistaa

subscribe englanniksi

  1. To up to have copies of a publication, such as a newspaper or a magazine, delivered for a period of time.

  2. (ux)

  3. To pay for the provision of a service, such as Internet access or a cell phone plan.

  4. To believe or agree with a theory or an idea (q).

  5. To pay money to be a member of an organization.

  6. To contribute or promise to contribute money to a common fund.

  7. 1913, (w), ''Autobiography'':

  8. (..) under no circumstances could I ever again be nominated for any public office, as no corporation would subscribe to a campaign fund if I was on the ticket, and that they would subscribe most heavily to beat me;
  9. To promise to give, by writing one's name with the amount.

  10. To agree to buy shares in a company.

  11. 1776, (w), ''(w)'':

  12. The capital which had been subscribed to this bank, at two different subscriptions, amounted to one hundred and sixty thousand pounds, of which eighty per cent only was paid up.
  13. To sign; to mark with one's signature as a token of consent or attestation.

  14. (RQ:Milman Lati)

  15. All the bishops subscribed the sentence.
  16. To write (one’s name) at the bottom of a document; to sign (one's name).

  17. c. 1510, (w), ''The Life of Pico della Mirandola''

  18. They subscribed their names under them.
  19. To sign away; to yield; to surrender.

  20. (RQ:Shakespeare Measure)

  21. To yield; to admit to being inferior or in the wrong.

  22. To declare over one's signature; to publish.

  23. (RQ:Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing)

  24. To indicate interest in the communications made by a person or organization.

  25. ''Please like this video, and subscribe to my YouTube channel.''

  26. To register for notifications about an event or similar.

  27. ''If you subscribe to the MouseClick event, your application can react to the user clicking the mouse.''

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