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solar englannista suomeksi

  1. aurinkoon liittyvä, aurinko-, auringon

  1. aurinko-, auringon-

  2. Substantiivi

  3. Verbi

solar englanniksi

  1. Of or pertaining to the sun; proceeding from the sun

  2. (usex)

  3. Born under the predominant influence of the sun.

  4. (RQ:Dryden Fables)

  5. (quote)
  6. Measured by the progress or revolution of the sun in the ecliptic; as, the solar year.

  7. Produced by the action of the sun, or peculiarly affected by its influence.

  8. (RQ:Bacon Sylva Sylvarum)

  9. (quote-journal)| title=Out of the gloom| passage=Nor is solar power yet as cheap as the grid.

  10. energy

  11. (quote-journal)

  12. A loft or upper chamber forming the private accommodation of the head of the household in a medieval hall; a garret room.

  13. lot, plot (gloss)

  14. (l) (gloss)

  15. to sole (gloss)

  16. to sole

  17. 1417, A. Rodríguez González (ed.), ''Libro do Concello de Santiago (1416-1422)''. Santiago de Compostela: Consello da Cultura Galega, page 76:

  18. ''Iten por solar calças, des et seis branquas et dous coroados.''
    : Item, for soling stockings, sixteen white coins and two crowns
  19. (l)

  20. solar

  21. (l), of or pertaining to the sun; proceeding from the sun.

  22. (l) (l).

  23. (uxi)

  24. (l) (gloss)

  25. radiant (gloss)

  26. (syn)

  27. mansion (gloss)

  28. to solo (gloss)

  29. to hit someone with the sole of the shoe

  30. bullary worker

  31. house (of a family), noble lineage

  32. tenement house

  33. ground, land

  34. to pave

  35. to sole a shoe

  36. (sv-noun-form-indef-pl)

  37. (sv-verb-form-pre)