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shine englannista suomeksi

  1. erottua

  2. paistaa

  3. loistaa, säteillä

  4. kiiltää

  5. helottaa, hohtaa

  6. loiste, kirkkaus

  7. kiillottaa

  1. loistaa, paistaa, hohtaa, helottaa

  2. kiiltää, loistaa, hohtaa

  3. loistaa, erottua

  4. paistaa silmään

  5. loiste, paiste, hohde, kirkkaus

  6. valo, hohde, loiste

  7. loistavuus, loisteliaisuus, loistokkuus, loisto

  8. kiillottaa, puleerata

  9. Substantiivi

shine englanniksi

  1. To emit or reflect light so as to glow.

  2. (quote-journal)

  3. (quote-book)|title=(w)| chapter=20|url=| passage=‘No. I only opened the door a foot and put my head in. The street lamps shine into that room. I could see him. He was all right. Sleeping like a great grampus. Poor, poor chap.’

  4. To reflect light.

  5. To distinguish oneself; to excel.

  6. 1867, Frederick William Robinson, ''No Man's Friend'', Harper & Brothers, page 91:

  7. (..) I was grateful to you for giving him a year’s schooling—where he shined at it—and for putting him as a clerk in your counting-house, where he shined still more.”
    It prompted an exchange of substitutions as Jermain Defoe replaced Palacios and Javier Hernandez came on for Berbatov, who had failed to shine against his former club.


  8. To be effulgent in splendour or beauty.

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  11. To be eminent, conspicuous, or distinguished; to exhibit brilliant intellectual powers.

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  13. Few are qualified to shine in company; but it in most men's power to be agreeable.
  14. To be immediately apparent.

  15. To create light with (a flashlight, lamp, torch, or similar).

  16. 2007, David Lynn Goleman, ''Legend: An Event Group Thriller'', St. Martin’s Press (2008), (ISBN), page 318:

  17. As Jenks shined the large spotlight on the water, he saw a few bubbles and four long wakes leading away from an expanding circle of blood.
  18. To cause to shine, as a light or by reflected light.

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  20. He God doth not rain wealth, nor shine honour and virtues, upon men equally.
  21. Brightness from a source of light.

  22. (RQ:Hawthorne S)

  23. the distant shine of the celestial city
  24. Brightness from reflected light.

  25. Excellence in quality or appearance; splendour.

  26. Shoeshine.

  27. Sunshine.

  28. 1685, (w), ''Sylvae''

  29. be fair or foul, or rain or shine
  30. Moonshine; illicitly brewed alcoholic drink.

  31. The amount of shininess on a ball, or on each side of the ball.

  32. A liking for a person; a fancy.

  33. ''She's certainly taken a shine to you.''

  34. A caper; an antic; a row.

  35. To cause (something) to shine; put a shine on (something); polish (something).

  36. ''He shined my shoes until they were polished smooth and gleaming.''

  37. To polish a ball using saliva and one’s clothing.

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