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reflect englannista suomeksi

  1. heijastaa

  2. miettiä

  3. peilata

  4. heijastua

  5. kuvastaa

  1. Verbi

  2. heijastaa

  3. heijastua, kuvastua

  4. heijastaa, kuvastaa

  5. vastata

  6. kuvastaa

  7. pohtia, pohdiskella, miettiä

reflect englanniksi

  1. To bend back (light, etc.) from a surface.

  2. ''A mirror reflects the light that shines on it.''

  3. To be bent back (light, etc.) from a surface.

  4. ''The moonlight reflected from the surface of water.''

  5. To mirror, or show the image of something.

  6. ''The shop window reflected his image as he walked past.''

  7. To be mirrored.

  8. ''His image reflected from the shop window as he walked past.''

  9. To agree with; to closely follow.

  10. ''Entries in English dictionaries aim to reflect common usage.''

  11. To give evidence of someone's or something's character etc.

  12. ''The team's victory reflects the Captain's abilities.''

    ''The teacher's ability reflects well on the school.''

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  14. (senseid) To think seriously; to ponder or consider.

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  18. Not for the first time, he reflected that it was not so much the speeches that strained the nerves as the palaver that went with them.