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emit englannista suomeksi

  1. päästää

  2. säteillä

  1. Verbi

  2. päästää, emittoida, lähettää, säteillä

  3. Substantiivi

emit englanniksi

  1. to out or off

  2. (quote-book)|chapter=Period VI. Containing the Testimony through the Continued Tract of the Present Deformation, from the Year 1660 to this Day.|title=A Hind Let Loose: Or, An Historical Representation of the Testimonies of the Church of Scotland, for the Interest of Christ; with the True State thereof in All Its Periods: (..)|location=Edinburgh|publisher=Reprinted by R. Drummond and Company, and sold by William Gray bookbinder in the (w), and several others, &c.|year=1744|pages=167–168|pageurl=https://archive.org/stream/hindletlooseo0shiepage/n169/mode/1up/|oclc=723488025|passage=Here is a Proclamation for a Prince: that proclaims him in whoſe name it is emitted &91;(w)&93;, to be the greateſt Tyrant that ever lived in the world, and their Revolt who have diſowned him to be the juſteſt that ever was.

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