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caper englannista suomeksi

  1. hypähtely

  2. hypellä, hypähdellä

  3. kepponen

  4. rötös

  5. kapris

  6. hypähdys

  1. loikka

  2. loikkia, pomppia

  3. kapris, kapriksen nuppu">kapriksen nuppu

  4. kapris

  5. Verbi

  6. Substantiivi

caper englanniksi

  1. A playful leap or jump.

  2. A jump while dancing.

  3. A prank or joke.

  4. Playful behaviour.

  5. A crime, especially an elaborate heist, or a narrative about such a crime.

  6. (quote-book)|chapter=i, the Protagonist|author=Jennifer Egan|passage=His caper had failed to find a comic resolution. Instead, there had been a genre switch, and the madcap adventure had turned serious. Or had this bleakness underlain the caper from the start?

  7. To leap or jump about in a sprightly or playful manner.

  8. (RQ:Joyce Ulysses)

  9. To jump as part of a dance.

  10. To engage in playful behaviour.

  11. (senseid)A vessel formerly used by the Dutch; privateer.

  12. The pungent grayish green flower bud of the European and Oriental caper ((taxfmt)), which is pickled and eaten.

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  14. A plant of the genus (taxfmt).

  15. (syn)|caperberry

  16. The capercaillie.

  17. to cap (gl)

  18. (l).

  19. he-goat (gl)

  20. to seize

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