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pungent englannista suomeksi

  1. pisteliäs, terävä, kärkevä

  2. pistävä

  1. pistävä

  2. Verbi

pungent englanniksi

  1. Having a strong odor that stings the nose, said especially of acidic or spicy substances.

  2. ''I accidentally dropped the bottle of ammonia and after few seconds, a very pungent stench could be detected.''

  3. 1991, Chadwick|Paul Chadwick, ''Concrete: American Christmas'', Dark Horse Books

  4. I can almost smell the fir scent… resinous, pungent.
  5. Having a strong taste that stings the tongue, said especially of hot (spicy) food, which has a strong and sharp or bitter taste.

  6. Stinging; acerbic.

  7. ''The critic gave a pungent review.''

  8. Having a sharp and stiff point.

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