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prank englannista suomeksi

  1. kujeilu

  2. kepponen, pila, kuje

  3. ylipukeutua

  4. koristella

  1. Substantiivi

  2. kepponen; jäynä, pila, kuje, jekku, metku, kolttonen

  3. Verbi

  4. jekuttaa colloquial

prank englanniksi

  1. A joke or mischievous trick.

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  4. (RQ:Raleigh Historie of the World) played their accustomed pranks.

  5. An evil deed; a malicious trick, an act of cruel deception.

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  7. To perform a joke on; to trick.

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  9. To call someone's phone and up before they answer, so as to send them a notification (of a call) without incurring fees.

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  11. To adorn in a showy manner; to dress or equip ostentatiously.

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  13. 1748, Thomson (poet)|James Thomson, ''Castle of Indolence|The Castle of Indolence'', B:II

  14. And there a Seaſon atween June and May,
    Half prankt with Spring, with Summer half imbrown'd,
    A liſtleſs Climate made, where, Sooth to ſay,
    No living Wight could work, ne cared even for Play.
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  16. To make an ostentatious show.

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  18. Full of gambols or tricks.

  19. prank

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