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seize englannista suomeksi

  1. siepata

  2. napata

  3. vallata

  4. saada valtoihinsa, valloittaa

  5. kaapata

  6. ottaa haltuun

  1. Verbi

  2. tarttua

  3. tarttua tilaisuuteen">tarttua tilaisuuteen

  4. takavarikoida, ottaa haltuun

  5. vallata, iskeä + illative

  6. saada kohtaus">saada kohtaus

  7. juuttua, jumittua, leikata kiinni">leikata kiinni of a motor or machine

seize englanniksi

  1. To deliberately take hold of; to grab or capture.

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  3. To take advantage of (an opportunity or circumstance).

  4. To take possession of (by force, law etc.).

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  6. To have a sudden and powerful effect upon.

  7. 2010, Antonio Saggio, ''A Secret van Gogh: His Motif and Motives'', (ISBN), (gbooks):

  8. This sensation of an object becoming alive is a characteristic that, I believe, seizes all viewers of a van Gogh. The Bible goes beyond being a simple still-life object to become a living thing, an expression of strength, an existence that emanates from itself, beyond the painting surface to participate in our very lives.
  9. To bind, lash or make fast, with several turns of small rope, cord, or small line.

  10. To fasten, fix.

  11. To lay hold in seizure, by hands or claws (+ (m) or (m)).

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  13. To have a seizure.

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  15. To bind or lock in position immovably; see also up.

  16. 2012, Martha Holmberg, ''Modern Sauces: More Than 150 Recipes for Every Cook, Every Day'' (page 235)

  17. Chocolate seizes if a small amount of water (or watery liquid such as brandy) finds its way into the chocolate while it is melting. (..) If chocolate seizes, it will look grainy and matte rather than glossy and smooth.
  18. To submit for consideration to a deliberative body.

  19. (with ''of'') To cause (an action or matter) to be or remain before (a certain judge or court).

  20. ''This Court will remain seized of this matter.''

  21. Of chocolate: to change suddenly from a fluid to an undesirably hard and gritty texture.

  22. sixteen

  23. (cln) sixteen