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sage englannista suomeksi

  1. viisas

  2. tietäjä

  3. salvia

  4. harmaanvihreä

  1. viisas

  2. tietäjä

  3. salvia

  4. Verbi

  5. Substantiivi

sage englanniksi

  1. Wise.

  2. (RQ:Shakespeare Henry 4-2)

  3. (RQ:Milton History)

  4. grave; serious; solemn

  5. (RQ:Milton Poems)

  6. A wise person or spiritual teacher; someone of gravity and wisdom, especially, a teacher venerable for years, and of sound judgment and prudence; a grave or stoic philosopher.

  7. (quote-book)| title=Enquiries concerning the human understanding and concerning the principles of moral| publisher=London: Oxford University Press (1973)| section=34| text=We aspire to the magnanimous firmness of the philosophic sage.

  8. The plant ''officinalis'' and savory spice produced from it; also planted for ornamental purposes.

  9. Any plant in the genus ''Salvia''

  10. Any of a number of plants such as sagebrush considered to be similar to ''officinalis'', mostly because they are small shrubs and have gray foliage or are aromatic.

  11. (non-gloss definition)

  12. (ux)

  13. The act of using the word or option ''sage'' in the email field or a checkbox of an imageboard when posting a reply.

  14. to say; to tell

  15. story of heraldry and valor, a saga.

  16. frequent

  17. wise: prudent, cautious{{, and judicious

  18. Chaste, modest, irreproachable in conduct

  19. Good, well-behaved, not naughty

  20. A person who is prudent, cautious{{, and judicious

  21. A (l) (person)

  22. (de-verb form of)

  23. to become stiff or paralyzed

  24. (inflection of)

  25. A (l); a person who serves as a fount of wisdom and knowledge.

  26. (l), considered, well thought-out.

  27. Learned, schooled, educated; having much knowledge.

  28. (alt form)

  29. wise

  30. to saw (''cut something with a saw'')

  31. wise (gloss)

  32. to say