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  1. filosofi

  1. Substantiivi

  2. i

  3. Verbi

philosopher englanniksi

  1. A lover of wisdom.

  2. A student of philosophy.

  3. A scholar or expert engaged in or contributing to philosophical inquiry.

  4. (hyponyms)

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  6. Their playwrights knew better. Scandal, murder, hair-rending and railing against the gods sold tickets. King is not a philosopher. He knows how to sell tickets.
  7. A person who applies the principles of philosophy to the conduct of their life, as by acting calmly and rationally in the face of inevitable change.

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  10. A student, scholar, or expert in any branch of knowledge, especially those branches studied prior to being considered part of pure science.

  11. An alchemist.

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  13. Then thus conclude I, since that God of heavenWill not that these philosophers nevenHow that a man shall come unto this stone,I rede as for the best to let it gon.
  14. (quote-book)|(w)|text=No further progress was made in this science until the Mohammedan alchemists embarked upon their search for the philosopher's stone, the elixir of life, and a method of transmuting base metals into gold.

  15. to philosophize

  16. (inflection of)