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  1. parlamentti, eduskunta

  2. kiusa

  1. Substantiivi

  2. eduskunta, parlamentti, valtiopäivät

parliament englanniksi

  1. A formal council summoned (especially by a monarch) to discuss important issues. (defdate)

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  3. In many countries, the legislative branch of government, a deliberative assembly or set of assemblies whose elected or appointed members meet to debate the major political issues of the day, make, amend, and repeal laws, authorize the executive branch of government to spend money, and in some cases exercise judicial powers; a legislature. (defdate)

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  5. A particular assembly of the members of such a legislature, as convened for a specific purpose or period of time (commonly designated with an number – for example, ''first parliament'' or ''12th parliament'' – or a descriptive adjective – for example, ''(w)'', ''(w)'' and ''(w)''). (defdate)

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  8. A gathering of birds, especially rooks or owls. (defdate)

  9. (quote-book) (..) In Two Volumes|location=New York, N.Y.|publisher=(w), 443 & 445 (Manhattan)|Broadway|year=1866|volume=I|page=32|pageurl=|oclc=236091751|passage="The people at home call it a rook's parliament when a whole crowd of rooks settle on some bare, wide common, and sit there as if they were consulting, not feeding, only stalking about with drooping wings, and solemn black cloaks."

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  11. cake|Parliament cake, a type of gingerbread. (defdate)

  12. (RQ:Thackeray Vanity Fair) was disposed to spoil little Georgy, sadly gorging the boy with apples and parliament, to the detriment of his health—until Amelia declared that George should never go out with his grandpapa unless the latter promised solemnly, and on his honour, not to give the child any cakes, lollipops, or stall produce whatever.

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