suomi-englanti sanakirja

päästä englanniksi

  1. escape, get off

  2. get to, make

  3. access

  4. draw, get

  5. hence

  1. to get to, reach, arrive at/in (gloss)

  2. (ux)

  3. to get to go, be allowed/permitted to go

  4. to in, be admitted to

  5. to it to, get to (gloss), reach, attain, achieve

  6. to manage (gloss)

  7. to get rid of (gloss); to over (gloss)

  8. to avoid, escape, out of, not have/need, be spared the necessity of (q)

  9. to evade, elude, escape, off/by|by

  10. to be released/discharged (gloss)

  11. in, after, a period from (after a period of time).

  12. ''Alle kuuden tunnin päästä pitäisi työkkäriin mennä, silti istun täällä.''

    In under six hours I should go to the employment agency, and yet I'm sitting nevertheless here.

  13. (from) away (gloss)

  14. ''Tykinkuulan arvioitiin tulleen noin kilometrin päästä.''

    The cannon ball was estimated to have come from around a kilometer away.

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