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meridian englannista suomeksi

  1. kulminaatio

  2. meridiaani

  3. keskipäivän

  4. paras aika

  1. meridiaani

  2. pituuspiiri, meridiaani

  3. korkein aste">korkein aste

  4. meridiaani, kanava

  5. Substantiivi

meridian englanniksi

  1. Meridian

  1. Relating to a meridian (''in various senses''); meridional.

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  5. Relating to midday or noon.

  6. (RQ:Gibbon Roman Empire) to the Latin Conquest|pages=18–19|pageref=18|passage=At the meridian hour he &91;(w)&93; withdrew to his chamber, intoxicated with flattery and wine, and forgetful that his example had made every ſubject ambitious, and that every ambitious ſubject was his ſecret enemy.

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  9. Relating to the culmination or highest point.

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  12. Relating to the south; meridional, southern.

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  14. ''In full'' celestial meridian: a circle passing through the poles of the sphere and the zenith for a particular point on the Earth's surface. (defdate)

  15. ''In full'' terrestrial meridian: a great circle on the Earth's surface, passing through the geographic poles (the terrestrial Pole and Pole); also, half of such a circle extending from pole to pole, all points of which have the same longitude. (defdate)

  16. (quote-journal) T. Woodward, (...); and C. Davis (...) printers to the (w)|month=March 31 (Gregorian calendar)|year=1746|volume=XLIV|issue=479|section=paragraph 15|page=140|pageurl=|doi=10.1098/rstl.1746.0027|oclc=630046584|passage=In this Place of ''Venus'' the Hour and Amplitude of the Sun's Riſing, for one Half of the Year, are the ſame with thoſe of his Setting in the other Half; which will alſo happen in all Places under the firſt Meridian, where he riſes and ſets: (..)

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  18. The place on the celestial meridian where it is crossed by the sun or a star at its highest point.

  19. (RQ:Pope Dunciad) the highest; and belovv, (smallcaps) shall either find a way or make one.

  20. The highest or most developed point, or most splendid stage, of something; culmination, peak, zenith. (defdate)

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  22. (RQ:Dryden Fables) ''(w)'' liv'd vvhen the ''Roman'' Tongue vvas in its Meridian; Chaucer|Geoffrey ''Chaucer'', in the Davvning of our Language: (..)

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  24. ''Chiefly followed by'' of: the middle period of someone's life, when they are at their full abilities or strength; one's prime. (defdate)

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  27. A ring or half-ring with markings in which an artificial globe is installed and may spin.

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  29. A line passing through the poles of any sphere; a notional line on the surface of a curved or round body (in particular, an eyeball). (defdate)

  30. The size of type between great primer and canon, standardized as 44-point.

  31. The south. (defdate)

  32. Midday, noon. (defdate)

  33. (synonyms)

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  35. A midday rest; a siesta.

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  37. A particular area or situation considered as having a specific characteristic or identity; also, the characteristics, habits, or tastes of a specific group, locale, etc. (defdate)

  38. (RQ:Burton Melancholy) comprehends thoſe ſixe non naturall things, vvhich I haue before ſpecified, are eſpeciall cauſes, and being rectified, a ſole or chiefe part of the Cure. (..) VVhich hovvſoeuer I treat of, as proper to the Meridian of melancholy, yet neuertheleſſe that vvhich is here ſaid, vvill generally ſerue moſt other diſeaſes, and eaſe them likevviſe, if it be obſerued.

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  44. (RQ:Irving Abbotsford), and was soon drawn into a course of anecdotes, though mostly of a humble kind, suited to the meridian of the housekeeper's room and servants' hall.

  45. An alcoholic drink taken at midday. (defdate)

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  47. To cause an object to reach the meridian or highest point of (something).

  48. (quote-book)|location=New York, N.Y.|publisher=Hawthorne Publishing Company(nb...)|year=1889|page=10|pageurl=|oclc=27037819|passage=Simultaneously with the coming of the mist over earth and sea, where both seem merged into one, slowly and exactly at the same time on each side to the right and left rise and form gorgeous rainbows, that move gently up the sky. They ascend in pairs of the most brilliant color and hue. Upward they move until all the sky is meridianed with bows, which meet in a grand symphony of color in the zenith.

  49. (quote-journal)|month=July|year=1922|volume=I (Third Series)|page=157|pageurl=|oclc=7823959|passage=At the foot of the promontory on which stands Peng Lai Temple is the little Christian Church of Water City, a suburb of Teng-chou. In the church are hung these words: "One volume, Old and New Testaments, circling earth, meridianing Heaven. One seven-roomed Worship Hall, backing the sea, facing the City."

  50. (quote-book); Athens, Oh.: Swallow Press, (w)|year=1954|year_published=1981|page=86|pageurl=|isbn=978-0-938652-00-7|passage=Treetops stare / Vertiginous and of two minds; and one / Is to let go; // The other, though, / Is to cling on, seeing clear / It is meridianed and centered by / The pure blue, the apple of its eye.

  51. Of a celestial body: to reach its meridian.

  52. (quote-journal)|month=May|year=1895|volume=I|issue=5|page=397|pageurl=|issn=0004-637X|oclc=5894574618|passage=At the opposition of 1892 Edward Keeler|James Edward Keeler (..) found, on comparing his drawings meridianed by Marth ephemeris with photographs of a globe made by him from Schiaparelli|Giovanni Schiaparelli's chart and set to the longitude and latitude of the time of observation: (..)

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  54. (quote-journal): Twenty-eighth Annual Session|location=Meridian, Miss.|publisher=Dement Bros. Print. Co.|year=1934|page=181|oclc=18992490|passage=Born in Massachusetts, in 1818, neath the shadow of Bunker Hill, and, incidentally of lineage with Morris (financier)|Robert Morris of Revolutionary fame, ere his life meridianed removing with his family to beautiful "blue grass Kentucky", the home of his heart, where he wrought well and his memory is revered.

  55. (quote-book)|year=1951|page=231|oclc=471682788|passage=The countable ribs meridianed over his blood's tides; / The scar-buttoned archipelago of his flexible spine; (..)

  56. Any of the pathways on the body along which (l) or qi (force) is thought to flow and, therefore, the acupoints are distributed; especially, one of twelve such pathways associated with organs of the body. (defdate)

  57. (l)