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  1. Robert

  1. Roope

Robert englanniksi

  1. (given name).

  2. (RQ:Shakespeare King Joh): Act I, Scene I:

  3. My brother Robert? Old Sir Robert's son? / Colbrand the giant, that same mighty man?
  4. 1984 Edgar Wideman|John Edgar Wideman, ''Brothers and Keepers: A Memoir'', Mariner Books, 2005, (ISBN), page 93

  5. I hadn't even considered names for a girl. Robby it would be. Robert Douglas. Where the Douglas came from is another story, but the Robert came from me because I liked the sound. Robert was formal, dignified, important. Robert. And that was nearly as nice as the chance I'd have to call my little brother Rob and Robby.
  6. (surname).

  7. (name translit).

  8. (given name)

  9. (surname)

  10. (foreign name)

  11. (given name), a Germanic (Old Frankish) borrowing