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globe englannista suomeksi

  1. pallo

  2. karttapallo

  3. maapallo

  1. Substantiivi

  2. pallo

  3. maapallo

  4. karttapallo

  5. Verbi

globe englanniksi

  1. Any spherical (or nearly spherical) object.

  2. ''the globe of the eye; the globe of a lamp''

  3. The planet Earth.

  4. (rfquotek)

  5. (quote-journal)

  6. A spherical model of Earth or any planet.

  7. A bulb.

  8. 1920, Southern Pacific Company, ''Southern Pacific bulletin: volumes 9-10'' (page 26)

  9. Don't ask for a new globe just because the old one needs dusting. The old-style carbon lamps wasted electricity when they began to fade and it was economy to replace them.
  10. A circular military formation used in Rome, corresponding to the modern infantry square.

  11. (RQ:Milton PL)

  12. A woman's breast.

  13. A group.

  14. To become spherical.

  15. To make spherical.

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  17. (inflection of)

  18. roll (of paper, etc.)

  19. (l) (sphere showing a representation of the Earth)