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  1. anima

  1. Substantiivi

  2. Verbi

anima englanniksi

  1. The soul or animating principle of a living thing, especially as contrasted with the animus. (defdate)

  2. *1665, (w), ''Micrographia'', XXXVIII:

  3. We cannot chuse but admire the exceeding vividness of the governing faculty or ''Anima'' of the Insect, which is able to dispose and regulate so the motive faculties, as to cause every peculiar organ, not onely to move or act so quick, but to do it also so regularly.
  4. The inner self (not the external persona) of a person that is in touch with the unconscious as opposed to the persona. (defdate)

  5. (quote-book)

  6. 1990, (w), ''Sexual Personae'':

  7. Dorothy is bodiless and sexless in ''Tintern Abbey'' because she is Wordsworth's Jungian ''anima'', an internal aspect of self momentarily projected.
  8. The unconscious feminine aspect of a person. (defdate)

  9. (ca-verb form of)

  10. anima, soul

  11. of the soul; spiritual

  12. (rfdate), Simono Pejno (translator), “Revon havas mi” (“I Have a Dream”), speech given by Martin Luther King, Jr. in Washington, DC on August 28, 1963,

  13. ''Foje kaj refoje ni leviĝu supren al majestaj altejoj, alfrontante fizikan forton kun anima forto.''
    : Again and again, we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force.
  14. of the mind, mental, psychological, inner

  15. (uxi)

  16. (rfdate), Heinrich August Luyken, ''Stranga heredaĵo'', Ĉapitro 12,

  17. ''Vi bezonas korpan kaj animan ripozon.''
    : You need physical and mental rest.
  18. (inflection of)

  19. soul

  20. soul

  21. (n-g):

  22. (syn of)

  23. post

  24. a mould used to create a cavity

  25. the innermost part of a rope

  26. the inner cavity created by the chamber and the barrel

  27. the support of ink rollers

  28. a type of scaled armor

  29. a motto tied to a character

  30. entertain, enliven

  31. soul, spirit, life

  32. (Q)|(w)|''(Tusculan Disputations)''|''Liber I.ix''|year=45 BCE|quote=...animum autem alii animam, ut fere nostri declarat nomen: nam et agere animam et efflare dicimus et animosos...|trans=...some would have the soul, or spirit, to be the anima, as our schools generally agree; and indeed the name signifies as much, for we use the expressions animam agere, to live; animam efflare, to expire; animosi, men of spirit...

  33. air, breeze

  34. breath

  35. (syn)

  36. to animate

  37. (n-g): core

  38. (alternative form of)

  39. anima (gloss)

  40. anima (gloss)

  41. (pt-verb-form-of)

  42. to animate

  43. (es-verb form of)