suomi-englanti sanakirja

armor englannista suomeksi

  1. suojavaippa

  2. aseistaa, varustaa

  3. haarniska, panssari

  4. panssaroitu yksikkö, panssarijoukot

  1. Substantiivi

  2. haarniska body, panssari vehicle etc.

  3. panssari

  4. panssariajoneuvo

  5. panssarijoukot (monikko) , panssariosasto

  6. Verbi

  7. panssaroida; haarniskoida body armour

  8. panssaroida

armor englanniksi

  1. A protective layer over a body, vehicle, or other object intended to deflect or diffuse damaging forces.

  2. (hypo)

  3. A natural form of this kind of protection on an animal's body.

  4. (syn)

  5. Metal plate, protecting a ship, military vehicle, or aircraft.

  6. A tank, or other heavy mobile assault vehicle.

  7. A military formation consisting primarily of tanks or other fighting vehicles, collectively.

  8. The naturally occurring surface of pebbles, rocks or boulders that line the bed of a waterway or beach and provide protection against erosion.

  9. To equip something with armor or a protective coating or hardening.

  10. To provide something with an analogous form of protection.

  11. armour (body protection)

  12. (inflection of)

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