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worry englannista suomeksi

  1. huolia, murehtia

  2. huolehtia, olla huolissaan

  3. huolestuttaa, tehdä huolestuneeksi, ahdistaa

  4. levottomuus

  5. riepottaa

  6. huolettaa

  7. huoli

  8. retuuttaa

  1. Verbi

  2. huolehtia, huolia

  3. huolestuttaa, tehdä huolestuneeksi">tehdä huolestuneeksi

  4. ärsyttää

  5. Substantiivi

  6. huoli, harmi

worry englanniksi

  1. To be troubled; to give way to mental anxiety or doubt.

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  3. Disturb the of mind of; afflict with mental agitation or distress.

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  5. To harass; to irritate or distress.

  6. To seize or shake by the throat, especially of a dog or wolf.

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  8. To touch repeatedly, to with.

  9. 1997, David Sedaris, "A Plague of Tics", ''Naked'', page 15:

  10. So what if I wanted to touch my nose to the windshield? Who was it hurting? Why was it that he could repeatedly worry his change and bite his lower lip without the threat of punishment?
  11. 2002, Masha Hamilton, ''Staircase of a Thousand Steps'', page 272:

  12. No stories, no arguments. He just worries his prayer beads.
  13. To strangle.

  14. 1891, ''Journal of Jurisprudence and Scottish Law Magazine'' (1891), ''Execution of the Judgment of Death'', page 397:

  15. We read (Law's ''Memor.'' Pref. lix.) that "one John Brugh, a notorious warlock (wizard) in the parochin of Fossoquhy, by the space of thirty-six years, was worried at a stake and burned, 1643."
  16. A strong feeling of anxiety.

  17. An instance or cause of such a feeling.

  18. A person who causes worry.